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What does 5% look like? Sarah of CEO Wattage explains gender equity to single-digit-aged children


#diversity links, 5/20

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The headline on this first one is particularly interesting ... the majority of female CEOs are in favor of gender diversity mandates, aka quotas.  However the headline and entire tone of the article highlights the minority who are against the policy.  It's almost like the author's perspective is biasing their view of the data!

Taking on Tech’s Diversity Problem in Grade School - Newsweek

The mission  of BlackGirlsCode, which started in 2011, is to close the gap by getting girls tinkering with and thinking about programming while they’re young, making them feel like they can compete in computer science classes in college and beyond. It’s a goal shared by BGC’s Silicon Valley sponsors like Salesforce and Google, which are struggling with diversity, and by similar nonprofits around the country, like Girls Who Code and Level the Playing Field.


w00t! our @OSBridge session on "Supporting with a new approach to software" was accepted. hooray!