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An open-source, diversity-friendly social software platform ... coming soon!


What does 5% look like? Sarah of CEO Wattage explains gender equity to single-digit-aged children


An /@WithKnown question: how to reply "thanks" to @KevinMarks as a comment w/o having it show up in my stream?


Good turnout at in Portland -- @aaronpk's kicking things off


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Trying to posting via Quill to a Known blog ... how Indieweb is that?


watching @caseorganic at Indiewebcamp cambridge!


@kylewm on my way to the SF HWC


Very true, @benwerd -- and since it's all happening transparently, it's not just 's developers who can observe.

Edited to add: lots of fun, too!


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The Facebooks, emotions, neurons and science by @deanna on @theprospect (via ):


Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Testing publishing to Twitter and Facebook via Known ...