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"Supporting diversity with a new approach to software": an Open Source Bridge 2016 proposal!

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I'm submitting a talk to Open Source Bridge - June 21–24, 2016 - Portland, OR

It’s time for a new approach to software, one that embraces differences (not just tolerates them), and sees diversity as a strength. The industry is primed for a change, and there are huge opportunities to do better by valuing emotion, intuition, compassion, purpose, empowerment, sustainability, and social justice.

This highly-interactive session includes discussions of current “best practices” and emerging ideas from projects that have focused heavily on diversity, issues and problems in today’s environment, imagining how things could be different, and figuring out concrete steps to make it happen..

-- the excerpt from Supporting diversity with a new approach to software

I'm pretty excited about the proposal Tammarrian Rogers and I submitted for Open Source Bridge 2016. It's the perfect conference for the topic; as opposed to most tech conferences, attendees already understand the value of diversity and the challenges of the current environment. 

Thanks to all for the feedback!

Update, May 6: the proposal was accepted, and the session will be June 21 at 10 a.m.!