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@womenwhotech great topic on #ello. Really sad to hear about Kathy. And @tracyviselli makes a great point ...

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@womenwhotech great topic. Really sad to hear about Kathy -- and I think @tracyviselli makes a great point about getting fed up even in situations that don't constitute harassment. A environment that doesn't have any harassment but where the norm is confrontational, name-calling, etc. is still something that a lot of people won't want to deal with.

@kamichat Owen Fiss' book The Irony of Free Speech makes some similar points. From the blurb: "By examining the silencing effects of speech -- its power to overwhelm and intimidate the underfunded, underrepresentned, or disadvantaged voice -- Fiss sows how restrictions on hate speech can be defended in terms of the First Amendment, not despite it." Here's a summary I wrote up a few years ago on another social network that was having challenges balancing the right to free speech with creating an environment that people felt safe participating in..

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